Only the very best

The Triad HR team is comprised of top HR professionals with a broad array technical and functional experience with both consulting backgrounds as well as real-world business experience. We represent the very best and you won't find a better concentration of experience to represent the client in HR technology implementations anywhere. We have client-side experience in every major HCM system including ADP, SAP, Oracle Fusion, SuccessFactors, Workday, Taleo, ServiceNow, BrassRing, and many others!

Giving Back

The team at Triad HR knows that giving back to the community is extremely important. We've very proud to work with the Dallas Area VNA.

The Dallas Area Visiting Nurse's Association's mission is to help people age with dignity and independence at home. The VNA provides hospice care and delivers meals through the meals on wheels program in the greater Dallas area.

In addition to regularly delivering meals, Triad HR is a proud sponsor of the Legends & Leaders series, which helps to fund the cost of meals on wheels. Check the VNA website for more information on how to get involved.

visiting nurses association

Meet the Core Team

HCM Consultant Ronda Grimsley

Ronda Grimsley

Founder & CEO
Project Manager Extraordinaire would be Ronda's alternative title to CEO and Founder. Her uncontrollable tendency as an arranger coupled with seldom making mainstream choices prompted her to launch a consultancy to work side by side with her clients. Her career started as an idealistic mathematics teacher then morphed into an ambitious actuarial analyst after getting her Master's in Mathematics and Statistics from Texas A&M University. At Mercer HR, she quickly rose to the ranks of polished Principal and Client Manager providing depth and breadth across all HR disciplines. Today, Ronda's inner techie is let loose helping her clients choose HR systems and navigate implementations with HR system vendors and their certified partners.
HCM Consultant Karen Jefferson

Karen Jefferson


Karen Jefferson is a highly credentialed and highly respected project manager with experience in and certifications in both traditional ...Read More

HCM Consultant Garnett Gilchrest

Garnett Gilchrest


Garnett is a technology leader with over sixteen years of business IT experience. He has a diverse background ...Read More

HCM Consultant Laura Munson

Laura Munson


Laura's hard-working Nebraska sensibilities translates into a reliable quick-study and utility HR player. While her official label is ...Read More

HCM Consultant Angie Kazura

Angie Kazura


Angie has experience implementing HR systems in a variety of industries, from airlines to manufacturing. She also has ...Read More

HCM Consultant Stephanie Wilburn

Stephanie Wilburn


Stephanie's resume has the juxtaposition of showing a Tulane JD, Law degree and University of Virginia MIS degree. This kind of talent ...Read More

HCM Consultant Jodi Dondelinger

Jodi Dondelinger


Jodi's cookie making and flute playing talents are only surpassed by her truly incredible payroll expertise. She took her accounting ...Read More

HCM Consultant Cyndi Ybarra

Cyndi Ybarra


Cyndi's whimsical personality and unwavering work ethic combine to provide dedicated Sr. Business Analyst support to her clients. ...Read More