Technology Project Life Cycle

As a modern HR organization you are used to maintaining a very lean staff. You may have very few or even no skill sets to manage an HCM technology implementation. In fact, on an ongoing basis you don't need these types of skill sets since HCM technology implementations are not part of your ongoing service delivery model.

Triad HR exists to supplement your team with highly skilled resources at every step in the HR technology project life cycle to ensure a successful implementation.

Step 1: Strategy


Companies have limited resources for technology investments and HR is competing with all other technology projects when trying to improve HR systems. Our consultants are veterans of HR operations and can help with:

• Strategic Planning to Support Transformational Change
• HR Technology Roadmap and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Step 2: Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

We don't have any particular bias toward or allegiance with any one technology or vendor, we put your best interest in recommendations and deliverables. We have extensive experience in leading or assisting RFP and RFI for both:

• Software Applications, and
• Implementation Partners

Learn more about our unique Online RFP process.

Step 3: Project Management

Project Management

While the Implementation Partner will have project management resources it is the Client’s responsibility to lead and direct the overall project. In larger scale projects, a program manager may also be needed to lead several project tracks and partner with senior leaders to drive transformational change. At Triad HR we bring project governance templates and experienced Program Managers, and Project Managers to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget.

Step 4: Business Process Support

Business Process Support

In any HR technology project a main objective should be to streamline processes. It is the Client’s responsibility to drive business process design and documentation. At Triad HR our Business Analysts have experience designing best practice business processes and translating business needs to technical speak for your Implementation Partner saving you time and money.

Step 5: Testing

Data Conversion & Testing

Your Implementation Partner will be world class in configuring your new system and loading your data; however, it is you, the Client, who will be responsible for getting clean data out of your legacy system and user acceptance testing your new cloud-based system. At Triad we have Business Analysts who cover every function in HR and we can bring core sets of test scripts to your project, saving you time and increasing your testing effectiveness. We also have Data Conversion Specialists to assist with your part of data conversion.

Step 6: User Adoption

User Adoption

Change management is often an available skill set in HR organizations but Triad HR has specific experience with getting users to adopt the new system quicker and become more effective soon after your go live. Let our Business Analysts provide job aids and other tools to supplement your change management efforts and speed your user adoption.